Battery Power Bank for iphone

Power or fuel bank, battery packs or pocket power cells - name it as you like, but in any case, they charge your iphone without power outlet. There are a great variety of models today with wide range of different functions, but how to choose a power bank for iphone or any another smartphone for a long-term work and high-quality energy production? It`s the main question, on which we try to answer.

So, look through some our recommendations for apple phones and others.

Making a purchase for you and your iphone on web market, pay attention on:

1. Capacity or Portability

Sizes! In all its means! The most popular sizes range 2,000mAh - 10,000mAh or the biggest one - 26,000mAh. Big devices need more energy, so bigger battery and more mAh – and as a result more time to charge it fully.

Size in 2 000 mAh is possible for a 50% of iPhone charging, 6000mAh is enough for 3 full charging of iPhone and 1,5 - of iPad, and 10000mAh is optimal for 4 full charging of iPhone and 2.5 - for iPad. 

Remember that it often means that it’s more sizes, weight and price.

2. Input current

Common devices usually have 0.8A - 1.5A, including for iPhone, and at least 2.1A for iPad. The higher currents typically found on the higher capacity ones.

3. Quality or price

The main rule, that if a cost and features sounds too good to be true, it most probably so. So when $10 power bank for iphone from unknown brand sounds like a great deal, comparing to famous-branded one from Australia with a bit higher price, think twice before taking sales.

The most famous producers on the web market are RAVPower, Fibonic, Vinsic, ExpertPower, Lumsing, Anker PowerCore, Innogie Alien, Gatcepot, Jackery, Polanfo, Poweradd, Lankoo, iDaye, Kans, Vinsic Tulip, Dizaul with solar power etc. 

Ok! You did it, you buy a power bank for iphone! But, here is one another question:

How to use a power bank for iphone?

Good power battery for iphone with lightweight could be carried anywhere. Only, what you need, charge it up, when you are at home, put in your bag and connect to your phone whenever you are. You`ll never lose a connection! 

Types of Cell Phone Batteries

The wide range of cell phones, including apple products, on the smart-market necessitates a lot of different types of cell-phone batteries, which suffices all your desires and demands: