Bluetooth & audio

For some, very important moment while listening to music is sound quality, well, for some there must be a perfect connection while communicating a priori. Here is everything to please both of those who fond of music and appreciate the quality of sound. Enjoy the total freedom without wires presented in our assortment of Bluetooth and Audio, made of premium materials that will serve long time. Ordering the goods from our range, you get not only clearly audible conversation on the road, but also a convenient option of transferring information from any distance. Our headsets and headphones are durable and produced for comfortable wearing throughout the day. Moreover, the innovative design of products will highlight your personality and style.

What is it - Bluetooth and bluetooth accessories?

Bluetooth is a one of the wireless systems to communicate with other smartphones or additional devices, adapted for android and iphone. It is built into the body of your phone and connects to a wide range of equipment, including bluetooth audio accessories.

How to choose

Before buying Bluetooth accessories, you must answer on the question: for what you decide to use it? Be attentive! Every bluetooth accessories must have comfortable cost and support a range of Bluetooth 'profiles' to fulfill wide variety of functions.

As an example, the A2DP is used for listening to music, the HFP - for calling with “free hands”, the BVRA - Siri and Voice Control.

Note, that as a fact, new iPhones support all common profiles. However, not all Bluetooth devices support it.


We accustom ourselves to think that audio accessories could be used only for walking or making something quite, but they just more range of usage. The answer is obvious: just everything and everywhere:

  • At home (listening music, transfer you into your favorite video game, film and audio books);
  • Parties&BBQs (listening radio);
  • The great outdoors (features for singing);
  • The gym (walking or jogging, gym or sports - indoors or outdoors );
  • On the go (something for relaxing or features for calling and speaking);
  • Instagram look (be stylish, creative and popular in the net with modern youth accessoire).

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