Among others wireless systems (NFC, Wireless Fidelity, Airplay, Digital Living Network Alliance and multiroom), bluetooth is an ideal protocol for most of the devices. The history of bluetooth is full with gossips about the quality of connecting, audio resolution and interfacing with audio devices. However, the quality of wireless audio has grown by leaps and bounds since its beginning. Today, we can announce a number of advantages of bluetooth using, among which are:

  • ease in using - switch on and use;
  • usage - one of the most common and ingrained protocols today;
  • practical - requires no network to connect;
  • quick - mere seconds to connect
  • battery efficiency;
  • high quality of sounds - it is indistinguishable from Wi-Fi system now;

It is known that, aptX codec and other ads let Bluetooth to simulate CD-quality sounding, but aptX isn’t suitable with apple products - iPhones or iPads. As a rule, more current bluetooth versions are more efficient and high-quality.

How to choose to buy bluetooth audio headphones?

Don`t worry, if it`s hard to choose new device for your iphone, because there is too wide variety on the modern web-market. Pay your attention on:

  • Portability:

The main rule is that the smaller item you have, the more sound is suffered. Few among the most recommended are Braven BRV-X, the Riva Audio Turbo X and the Creative Sound Blaster Roar, G-Project’s G-Boom,  Eton’s Ruckus XL, Harman Kardon Onyx Studio etc.

  • Durability;

Braven offers to buy bluetooth headphones online with good shockproof and kickstand characters. Among water-resistant products, we recommend Ultimate Ears Roll producer.

  • Comfort;

Comfortable using means that you don`t think about when you use it and how, you don`t think about it! Only sounds, which they produce. Modern online market offers different models of bluetooth speakers: in ear or over ear variants, that you can try and choose the best one for yourself.

  • Smarts;

For example, an opportunity of controlling the iphone via voice commands.

  • Cost;

Our web-market has a wide variety of quality products to choose and buy bluetooth headphones at lowest price among the best brands, including even from australia, with regularly sales.  

So, put it in ears and let them make a decision.