Cases & Covers

The main objective of specially developed accessories for tablets and phone of famous manufacturers such as Apple and many others, is to protect the outer case from damage. Besides this, the case or cover doesn’t have to affect the look of your tablet or phone much. Agree that such devices as IPhone has great appearance, so noone wants to overload its beauty with something else. Therefore, in our list of products there are opened horizons of aesthetic beauty combined with high quality production. Choose a perfect protection for your device according to your taste and preferences.

Thousands of dollars are thrown out on our smart apple friends, iPhones or iPads, so it is reasonable enough to pay just a little cost to protect it from scratches and kicks. We like it, because they serve us much, so we are starting to search cases for phones and tablets to cover it from dangerous. Where to buy cases for phones - is not a question today.

Here is a great variety of coverings, where you`ll find all, what you wish and even more!

If you buy cases for phones online, it is always hard! Pay attention on following tips to make your choice easy, quick and right:

  • Version and brand;

There are some smartphone companies, which copy the body of famous brands such as Samsung, Apple, HTC, LG etc. But, in any case, check the sizes before buying.

  • Sizes;

Check that the characteristics of chosen case is the similar as of the phone.

  • Quality of materials;

All common cases are made of PC, TPC, synthetic leather, metals, gym or rubber.

  • Level of protection;

Slim and basic coverings created to protect from dust, scratches and little kicks, folio cases ( “closed”), made of leather - from shocks, water and dust, bumpers, rugged, tough, cases - for customers, who like risks and dangerous adventures, bulky and heavy battery cases.

  • Manufacturer:

Certainly, the brand name is not the most important thing, but also is not the last. We recommend products from Tech21, Pelican, Griffin, Trident, OtterBox; Case Mate, Incipio, Spigen, Griffin and Cruzerlite etc. The assortment of Wisher store is full of australia electronic products. 

  • Features;   

Among additional features are 360-degree hinges, different variants of position etc.

  • Design;

This point depends on the last two points. Here is a free hand and free imagination: with pattern or diamonds, dark or bright, glossy or mirror.

  • Discounts;

Look through! Maybe, your enjoyable case are among sales and you will get it immediately at low price.

  • Warranty;

Some of case manufacturers offer a working life warranty. In this case, you should buy directly from the company-manufacturer.

Amazon and eBay systems are unofficial considered to be the cheapest places for making purchases, but they are not the last! Wisher online store offer a great number of affordable prices and high-quality service. So, now, you know, where to get cases for phones and make a present your smartphone. And we help with it!