Mounts & Holders

With an active and fast rhythm of life, we must keep in touch with family and friends and the mounts and holders for phone and tablets are universal stuff to reach this goal on the road. It’s time to leave in the past the habits of throwing a phone in a glove box, stopping while riding the bicycle in purpose to take the device out the pocket of jacket or bag. Tablets are especially important nowadays, so they provide comfy and fast access to the Internet, as well as constant communication with close people. The main feature of high-quality holder and mount prolongs the operating live of device and promotes safety riding. Installing the device at easy distance, you can watch video or record what is happening inside the car.

Modern life is hardly imaginable without a smartphone or tablet. These mobile gadgets play our favorite music, provide access to the World Wide Web, send instant messages, make calls, and take pictures. Despite their undeniable usefulness, portable devices like iPhone or iPad can also be a source of unpleasant incidents, especially when on the road. Though it is highly recommended to stop driving while calling or taxing, most people just neglect or forget to do it. For this reason, manufacturers offer drivers to buy car mobile holders to stave off car/road bike fatalities associated with an imprudent use of phones and tablets while driving. Phone mounts for auto and bicycles are form-fit cradles with adjustable side clamps and hooks, which contract tightly around a device, ensuring its ultimate security and allowing you to use the gadget hands-free. Some mounts feature a strong magnetic plate instead of hooks. This model also ensures the uncompromised security of your device even on a rough road and during harshturns. If you still hesitate about installing a universal mobile holder in your car, have a look at these practical reasons perfectly explaining why car mounts for phones are essential.

Benefits of mobile holders and mounts
• Help avoid distraction on the road
• Empower you to use your handy as a GPS
• Can be compatible with any of your portable devices
• Can serve as a phone charger
• Play movies and music for the overall entertainment
• Provide easy and quick installation without fuss and stress
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