Music is a very important part of our life. It can support us in different situations. It doesn't really matter whether we're sad, or happy, there will always be a song for a particular moment. Going home from work, preparing for the exam, just relaxing or having fun with friends, you choose some favorite tracks to listen to.

So here's another multifunctional device presented in our online store. It's a wireless portable FM radio. Though it has a very small size, it has fantastic functionality! If you buy FM radio wireless transmitter, you will have a chance to find out all of its amazing functions. There's a possibility to listen to the music while driving, and all information about the track and volume will be clearly seen on LCD screen (depends on the model), voice recording, FM recording; it can also be used as a portable storage device. Not only can you listen to the collection of songs from your SD/MMC card or USB flash memory downloaded at home, but you can also talk over the phone, since some models have Bluetooth hands-free functionality. You can create playlists/folders to organise your files. There are USB charging ports for charging iPhone/iPod/iPad, Samsung and other mobile devices. If you own a car, this car kit will be just irreplaceable and any trip will be more pleasant with a bunch of your favorite songs. It has a small size and you can just put it in your pocket and carry everywhere you go. There are models that support multipoint connections, and can connect two smartphones with iOS and Android at a time. It’s so easy to operate that even your child can do that! And finally, it supports all versions of Windows and Mac!

No wonder that many customers have already chosen this wonderful Australia online store to buy things they need. We understand our clients, and help them save their money, that’s why right now we’re having great sales and you are able to buy this wireless FM radio for phone with a discount up to 20%! So do not waste your chance and place your order right away!


All functions described depend on the model. See specifications.